Bringing all the beauties of the Princes' Islands, the life center Nish Adalar is a world filled with privileges... The entire Princes'Islands, Istanbul and seascape at your window... Glory in your home, from head to toe...

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The long awaited opportunity from Nish Adalar!

Buy your home today and move in today. Stop postponing life!

The joy of shopping at Nish Adalar Panorama is one elevator away!

A warm market place from stores to coffee shops, from restaurants to supermarket is at your disposal!

Designed as 1+1 and 2+1 apartment options varying between 113 sqm to 167 sqm with its contemporary horizontal architecture, Nish Adalar Panorama invites you to experience a visual feast.

Your breakfasts and five o’clock teas with your loved ones at the balcony accompanied by the magnificent landscape of Nish Adalar will be even more joyful.

The last apartment sales of Nish Adalar continues

Örnek Daire Sanal Turu